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John Doe


My Name is Jermaine Martis a.k.a Seiji.
And I am a Amsterdam Based Illustrator,Tattoo artist and painter. Being busy and exposed to art and building a foundation of drawing since I was a little kid.
As I got older, it was only naturally that tattooing came in to play. I see tattooing progressing as an Art form, When the artist is conscious of it's history beyond just the world of tattooing, And the artist recognizes ART. as awhole in all it's genres, from Artdesign, photography, film, architecture and surrender to it and it's process. As a visual artist, We'll be able to communicate with ourselfs and people on a deeper level.

Greatness is a vision.

Creative ARTMND
Jane Helf


The most encouraging aspect of mastering any discipline is this, if you put in the time, you can become proficient. The Studio is a chamber, where this process of a transformation takes place, physically and emotionally.
The Creative ARTMND is mostly fueled by passion, Wanting to be a better artist, wanting to improve oneself, wanting to look cleaner etc.
each experience, each atempt, each project, stacks on top of eachothers, we just keep climbing.
I think by surrendering to this process, you get closer and closer and start to respect that nothing of real value or high quality comes without intense labor or sacrifice.

Joshua Insanus

Skilling It

Skilling It is a vision to merge tattoo, fine art and design into a new genre and creative process.
Skilling It means, fashion, it means quality, durability and good taste. Skilling It is art as awhole in all it's genres, a Movement

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